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American Gothic - featuring Pat and Jane Paulsen

First launched with a vintage of 1984 California red wine featuring a blend of Napa Valley Gamay Beaujolais, American Gothic Red started life as a benefit wine for Farm Aid, the Willie Nelson-fueled charity for Midwest farmers during the 80s drought and recession years. Jane Paulsen, herself originally a Midwestern farming girl, wholly supported and sympathized in the cause. Now, 30 years later, farmers are back on their feet and Pat Paulsen Vineyards is back in the driver’s seat with a re-release of American Gothic Red, a dry Cabernet-based blend, and American Gothic White, a dry crisp Sauvignon Blanc that’s easy to drink and fun to share. 

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And now let’s have fun sharing your thoughts on what these two frumpy-looking farmers are actually thinking. Use the Comments section below. The best submissions will win fabulous prizes! (And note: even though it asks for your email address, this is for authentication - it won't post that address for everyone to spam you).


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Written by Montgomery Paulsen — June 13, 2014

Spring Photo Caption Contest

 "He ain't heavy, he's my Broker.....!"

Congratulations to this month’s caption winner, John Easton of Westerville Ohio. 

While we here at Pat Paulsen Vineyards appreciate and respect the hard work that our wine sales brokers do for us in states like Ohio, this is actually a picture of Cousin Bartleby, Uncle Mustafa and Zeke who are struggling mightily to bring you the new releases of Petite Sirah and Zinfandel from Rancho Las Juntas Vineyard

It’s a long and arduous journey from Franklin Canyon, on the outskirts of Martinez, California in the famous Zinfandel and Petite Sirah growing region of Contra Costa County, but Bartleby, Mustafa and Zeke have almost completed their journey, bringing us the first barrels of 2012 wine from Steve and Genene Welch’s 6th generation ranch and vineyard, which we are proud to feature in our Spring Release Wine Club offerings for June.


Click the images to learn more about the 2012 Rancho Las Juntas New Releases. 
Regularly $28, on Special for $26 each.
The 2012 RLJ Zinfandel has lovely soft strawberry aromas and a creamy finish. Just right for sipping on its own, or drinking with delicate foods.
The 2012 RLJ Petite Sirah has rich chewy black cherry nuances and a heavy mocha finish that will make this a fun wine to save and savor.


Reports of Strange Coincidental Resemblance 

 Many folks say that Cousin Bartleby bears a striking resemblance to Jane Paulsen, founder of Pat Paulsen Vineyards. Some attribute this to the family’s hearty Midwest genes and a healthy diet; however we know that cousin Bartleby’s remarkable skin tone owes more to a proprietary Cabernet Seed Facial Scrub and Chardonnay Vanishing Crème formula which has been in the Paulsen family for generations. We'll share these formulas in a future blog, but for now, click the photos at right to see Bartleby, Mustafa and Zeke before the transformation.



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Meanwhile, speaking of Jane Paulsen, we’d like to take this opportunity to announce next month’s caption contest. People have admired the lovely portrait of Pat and Jane Paulsen that has appeared on the American Gothic label since 1984, but very few of them know what these two fine country farmers are thinking. For those who think they know, here’s your chance to share it with the rest of us. Click on the picture to read more about this historic photo and take a gander at the caption. 




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Note - even though the contest for the barrel brothers at top may have officially ended, you can still leave your witty suggestions. in the comments section below. Keep 'em coming!

Written by Montgomery Paulsen — June 12, 2014

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