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American Gothic - featuring Pat and Jane Paulsen

First launched with a vintage of 1984 California red wine featuring a blend of Napa Valley Gamay Beaujolais, American Gothic Red started life as a benefit wine for Farm Aid, the Willie Nelson-fueled charity for Midwest farmers during the 80s drought and recession years. Jane Paulsen, herself originally a Midwestern farming girl, wholly supported and sympathized in the cause. Now, 30 years later, farmers are back on their feet and Pat Paulsen Vineyards is back in the driver’s seat with a re-release of American Gothic Red, a dry Cabernet-based blend, and American Gothic White, a dry crisp Sauvignon Blanc that’s easy to drink and fun to share. 

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Written by Montgomery Paulsen — June 13, 2014


Steven H:

Gosh Darnit Pa, I should be the one holding the PtichFork for this portrait, since I came from a Farm and have taught yer everything you know…now hand it over fast!!!! – Before I, Before I, take off those silly glasses your wearing and put em on myself!!! Ma, calm down, lets get this portrait done so we can enjoy a fine class of PP Wine before Dinner!!!! Now Ma, Look at the pretty Birdie, smile and say cheese.

June 25 2014 at 03:06 PM

Liz Kiernan:

Good thing we took that fork in the road!

July 09 2014 at 10:07 AM

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