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EBGB WINES - Suggested Retail $16

EBGB Cabernet
Rich, dark and concentrated, yet bursting with fruit flavors, this wine is a crowd pleaser. It's distinctive label design sets this wine apart as a maverick, appealing to young, hip sophisticated drinkers looking for quality and value. Suggested Retail: $16

EBGB Chardonnay
A soft crisp and easy drinking style. Hints of oak barrels, with just a soft and subtle creaminess. Medium bodied and not overwhelming, it's a nice cocktail wine at an affordable price. Suggested Retail: $16


WINEMAKER SELECTION - Suggested Retail $18

Check with us about availability on these - not all of these wines are listed on our site for retail sale.


PPV Cabernet Franc
A soft Cab Franc that is both fruity and oaky, but surprisingly fun and refreshing. The oak is new American barrels, and gives it just the right amount of texture and aroma. This wine is not heavy like a Cabernet Sauvignon, so it stands up as a sipping wine, but works with spicy foods.

PPV Cabernet Sauvignon
Soft and smooth, with elegant tannins and a lingering finish. This wine is a joint project between Pat Paulsen Vineyards and Antawarawines, with a long relationship between the winemakers, bridging the gap between old world elegance and new world drinkability.

PPV Chardonnay Napa
This wine is from a long-time grower in the Rutherford area of Napa, and displays a soft and supple texture, with just the slightest buttery hints, and a creamy aftertaste. It works well as a sipping wine, but also goes well with cream-sauce dishes or spicy foods.

PPV Pinot Gris
This Pinot Gris is a white wine that red wine lovers will enjoy. It actually has a little bit of tannin, which is what gives red wines their dry taste. A great alternative to red wines when pairing it with foods. This is the one white wine you might pick for your next steak dinner.

PPV Pinot Noir
This wine comes from grapes grown at over 3000 feet in elevation, in the Sierras. Pinot in this region tends to develop a little more herbal notes than flat-land pinot does, which makes this a spicier version than Napa or Sonoma Pinot Noir. Think of this as your regular Pinot Noir, with just a little more oomph!

PPV Petite Sirah
Dark and delicious. We tempered this petite Sirah with 10% Zinfandel, which smoothed the tannins and helps make this wine drinkable, yet powerful. Paired with a nice steak or with spicy foods, it becomes a standout.

PPV Syrah
This wine has the characteristic mocha and dark fruit flavors of syrah, and delivers a nice round wine with balanced oak and tannin and acid. A very good food wine, it is a bit subtle at first, but tends to become elegant as it sits open.

PPV Zinfandel
This wine has a spicy herbal nature that makes it perfect for food. Not as sweet or as fruity as many Zinfandels, it stands out as the type of Zinfandel that Cabernet lovers like. Blackberry and plum flavors are there, but so are rich tannins and a smooth finish.

THE HERITAGE SELECTION - Suggested Retail $26

Cabernet Sauvignon ~ Alexander Valley
A rich, smooth release this elegant wine has outstanding length and pervasive earthiness and minerality to capture the full finish one anticipates from a mellowed Cabernet.

Merlot ~ Alexander Valley
A robust velvety reserve that rounds out any meal with aromas of lush blackberry and vanilla to draw you in. This merlot could go head to head with the great wines of Pomerol.

Chardonnay ~ Alexander Valley
Crisp and clean, with a decidedly European style. The distinctive minerality that expresses Alexander Valley terroir makes this a favorite of restaurants and chefs due to its food-friendly nature.



THE RESERVES - Suggested Retail $26-$34

Cabernet Sauvignon ~ Wirth Ranch Reserve
With classic cab intensity and a rich depth of character this reserve is surprisingly fresh for its deep full body. Superb black cherry and spice marked by subtle wisps of floral fruits and herbal undertones this cab is made to savor.

Odyssey Red Blend Reserve
A robust red blend to knock your socks off, snuggle by the fire and breathe deep to sip this mysterious blend with a smooth velvet underbelly just for you.

ParthenOgenesis Reserve
Embrace the divine sensory indulgences of the Greek myth, creation, and adventure this red blend is named after. You have permission to lose yourself, relax, and enjoy this bodacious Bordeaux Blend.

Zinfandel Jesse’s Vineyard Reserve
Recent San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition Medal Winner, this Zin is ripe and delicious. It is loaded with fruit and bursting with vanilla oak. We're delighted to be offering this small lot as Jesse's Vineyard is well known and sought after by Zin lovers throughout the world.


THE CALIFORNIA COLLECTION - Suggested Retail $14-$18

Affordable wines designed for sipping by the glass or being featured as house wines. Most of these are bottled in our facility in Napa, ensuring the stamp of high quality winemaking, but offered at reasonable prices. Talk to us about developing private label wines exclusively for your store or restaurant.

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