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Wine Corks

Corks for my amateur wine making friends.

They say 2013 Napa Valley. My bottling client is out of 2013 Napa wines, so they can't use them. But for home winemakers, who cares what the cork says, right? 

I'll ship them to any place in the lower 48 US states. Flat fee $9.99 shipping cost per box.

Corks are fresh, in sealed bags, micro-agglomerate. 1000 corks per bag. If you choose the 500 or 250 cork options, I'll have to unseal the bags, so they won't be factory-sealed.

These are commercial quality corks, from a respected supplier, but I make no guarantees, warranties, promises or insinuations regarding these corks. That means if your wine goes bad, it's not my fault. Just saying. 

Options:     1000 for $80       500 for $45      250 for $30

If you choose the 250 or 500 quantity options, I will break apart the bags and then separate the quantities by weighing them in a bucket, so your exact quantity may be a little less, or it may be a little more. I'm not going to count these, so that's as close as it'll get. 

Happy winemaking!


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