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"Transit of Venus" a Port-style wine 375ml

Our Transit of Venus is rich and ripe, with deep flavors and smooth edges, and perfect as a special after-dinner treat. To be consumed next to the fire or under the stars, and always with special friends and on special occasions. Enjoy this in small glasses, a little sip at a time. As rich as a Port, as nice as dessert, and as fun as you need it to be. Perfect for that after-dinner treat that you or your lover has been waiting for. Try this with chocolate, or chocolate. Or chocolate. Or more chocolate…


“Transit of Venus” is the red wine companion to our “Touch of Venus” which was originally introduced in the 1990s and reintroduced with the 2010 Orange Muscat. Now with both a red and a white, you have the perfect wine for any occasion.

The 2013 Contra Costa Transit of Venus is a special selection from the Rancho Las Juntas vineyard owned by Steve and Genene Welch. We let the grapes for this wine get especially ripe, and picked a yeast strain known to ferment as high as 18% alcohol. The result, though not technically a Port, is about as close as you are going to get with California grapes.

And what a treat this is. Rich blackberry and cherry flavors are backed up by mocha and chocolate elements that linger and linger.

Try this “Port” over chocolate ice cream in a couple of small glasses with a nice friend. Or try it with a chocolate double fudge éclair. Or try it after an afternoon of delight with your sweetheart…….

 A wise man once told me, “Go whither the heart demands, and hence the soul shall return.”

 I have no idea what that means.

 - Monty Paulsen, Winemaker


Vintage:  2013

Appellation: Contra Costa County,

Vineyard: Rancho Las Juntas

Alcohol: 18%, Residual Sugar: 9%

Composition: 80% Zinfandel,

20% Petite Sirah

Season: Cool late autumn, interspersed rains, followed by a beautiful window of sunlight

Production: 50 cases, 375ml

Barrel Fermented and aged

Food Pairing: Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate


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