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California Moscato - Semi Sweet

Slightly sweet, wonderfully lush and fragrant, and delicious on a warm afternoon.



The 2011 vintage won a silver medal at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, and we expect the 2012 vintage to do just as well, if it lasts long enough for us to enter it into competitions....


From "Wine Insider - Sommelier Selection"

"A fresh wine that defies the anti-Muscat cachet, it shows great aromatics, ripe, juicy flavors and just the right amount of acidity to keep it from being too sweet. Putting the kabosh on anti-Muscat attitudes, it proves to the world that those palates that love Muscat are clearly onto something!

That creativity appears in the form of mouth-dazzling Moscato made in the (California) Asti. A brand-new release from Pat Paulsen Vineyards that brings together small-lot production and “big-name” status, it’s a table white made for salmon, crab, or a room full of close friends. Elevating any palate to a state of “nirvana,” it’s what one member of our Panel calls “the vinous equivalent to nectar and ambrosia - the warmer it is, the more you want this one." A wine for the masses, to be ordered en masse!"

Winemaker Notes:

Moscato can be sweet or dry, spritzy or not, and occasionally pink. This version is semi sweet and definitely not pink (although I'm thinking about a pink version down the road... perhaps a little bit of Petite Sirah blended in...?). It's a simple wine for simple times, and on those rare occasions when I'm feeling like I don't need yet another complicated wine to have to think about (I know, it's a tough life when that's what you get paid for), this wine is the simple solution. Serve it very chilled, with very good company, and I promise not to be very offended if you decide drop an ice cube into it. Enjoy!" - Monty Paulsen

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