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Enjoy these great Red State - Blue State wines with those who share your politics and commitments. Or, try them out on those who don't share your views, and see if they'll come over to your side. Either way, you'll be enjoying great wines and affordable prices. Order a case and save 20%


Merica, Dammit!

Founded in 1976, exactly 200 years after the founding of our nation, Pat Paulsen Vineyards has enjoyed a long history of providing patriotic wines for freedom loving Americans. We hereby issue a Bill of Rights to the wine lover, proclaiming these truths to be self evident: that when in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for a person to reach out and grab a truly satisfying wine, the wine to grab shall be this wine. Nowhere else in the world will you find a better way of life, nor a better bottle of wine. Because this is Merica, dammit!

The first selections for Merica include a soft elegant California Chardonnay and a rich but easy drinking Merlot.


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